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  • Banking, Cheques & the Carte Bleue in France

    Information on opening a French bank account (what documents to provide), the debit card and setting up debit orders. Information includes a sample of how to write a French check and an explanation of the RIB and TIP. Also: banking jargon guide.

  • Glossary of Foreign Exchange Terminology

    Jargon guide to the various terms used in currency conversion market; the meaning of terms such as: Stop loss order, Rollover, Floating exchange rate. If you don't understand your bank or broker, perhaps the answer is here.

  • French Tax Changes - 2011

    New measures of French tax and international legislation affecting French-resident taxpayers were introduced in 2010. This page reviews the main changes and those effective from 2011. The <i>Loi de Finances</i> was voted at the end of 2010.

  • Divorce in France

    Information on the stages of the process involved in a married couple separating and ending a marriage in France and the types of non-contested French divorce available. With details on the possible financial consequences of each type.

  • Pensions for Britons Retiring in France

    Information for British citizens resident in France on how to manage and make the most of the various pensions schemes that may be available. With information on private pensions, using a UK pension fund, a QROPS and transferring a pension abroad.

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